GAME RECAP | Yankees beat O's in game 5


Orioles catcher Matt Wieters hits it back to Sabathia and is thrown out at first. The Orioles' omazing run is over.

7:58 Chris Davis goes down swinging... Only one out stands between the Yankees and Detroit.

7:55 Adam Jones hits a fly to left field for the first out of the inning.

Top of the 9th, Yankees lead 3-1

7:52 Announcement just made that the attendance at Yankee Stadium tonight is 47,081.  Cano hits a grounder turned for a double play.

PITCHING CHANGE - Brian Matusz comes in for Strop

7:48 Strop walks Suzuki

7:46 Jeter grounds out. He's 0-3 in tonight's game.

PITCHING CHANGE - Pedro Strop brought in to pitch for the Orioles.

7:40 J.J. Hardy, who won the game for the Orioles in the 13th inning of last night's game, hits a grounder to Jeter and is thrown out at first by a hair.

7:38 Nate McLouth strikes out.

7:35 Andino hits a hopper to Sabathia, and the Yankee pitcher is unable to make a throw in time. Bases loaded.

7:31 Lew Ford at bat. He hits the third pitch up the hole in center to score Wieters. 3-1, Yankees. Runners on first and second.

7:30 Mark Reynolds strikes out.

7:26 Manny Machado gets walked. Runners now at first and second. No outs.

7:25 Matt Wieters lines a single to left field.

Top of the 8th, 3-0 Yankees

7:21 Chaves strikes out for the final out of the inningl

7:19 Russell Martin hits a grounder to Machado at third and is thrown out at first.

7:17 Granderson hits a homerun with the new bat to extend the Yankee lead, 3-0. Ball was hit to the second deck of Yankee Stadium in right field.

7:15 Granderson hits a foul ball that shatters his bat.

7:14 Nick Swisher struck out on three pitches.

Bottom of the 7th, 2-0 Yankees.

7:08 Sabathia strikes out Jones on three pitches, and Davis hits a fly ball for out three. Sabathia has thrown 82 pitches for 53 strikes and six strikeouts.

7:07 J.J. Hardy grounds out..

7:02 Ibanez strikes out after two hard-hit foul balls.

PITCHING CHANGE - Troy Patton brought in to pitch with runners on first and second.

6:57 Hammel intentionally walks Teixeira to go after Ibanez.

6:56 Cano strikes out for the second out.

6:52 Suzuki hits one deep that bounces off the wall in right field for a double. Jeter scores and the Yankees increase their lead, 2-0

PHOTOS | Yankees vs. Orioles Game 5

6:51 Hammel walks Jeter. It's Hammel's first walk of the game.

6:47 Chavez strikes out.

Bottom of the 6th, 1-0 Yankees

6:44 McLouth goes down swinging to end the inning.

6:41 McLouth hits one DEEP to right field. Called foul. Showalter comes out of dugout to discuss the call. Umpires to review the hit.

6:37 Robert Andino hits one deep to right field caught for the second out.

6:34 Lew Ford, 0-1 at this point tonight, hits a hard one to Teixeira at first and tagged out.

Top of the 6th, 1-0 Yankees

6:31 Russell Martin hits one to center field caught by Adam Jones for the final out of the inning.

6:29 Granderson steals second. That makes twice that second base has been stolen against the Orioles. Not common with Matt Wieters behind home plate.

6:27 Granderson hits one to the gap in center for a single.

6:25 Orioles turn a double play on a Swisher grounder to Hardy at shortstop.

6:22 On a full count, Ibanez hits a grounder the hops over second base for a single that brings in Teixeira for a 1-0 Yankee lead.

6:19 Raul Ibanez at bat with Teixeira on first. Teixeira steals second.

6:18 Teixeira gets the first Yankee hit on a line drive to right field.

6:14 Reynolds hits a burner that Sabathia hops over. Ball is caught at second by Cano, who tags the base and turns the double play to end the top of the 5th inning.

6:13 Machado hits one to shallow center field caught by Cano for the first out.

6:12 Matt Wieters is walked.

NOTES: Sabathia and Hammel both have a total of four strikeouts as of the top of the 5th. Both have thrown about 50 pitches.

Top of 5th, 0-0

6:06 With two outs, Cano goes down looking.

6:04 Suzuki hits one to Andino at second base and is thrown out.

6:02 Derek Jeter leads off for the Yankees. With two strikes against him, he goes down swinging for the second time in the game.

5:59 Chris Davis at bat. He leads the Orioles in RBIs. Hits a fly ball just shy of the track in center caught by Granderson for out three.

5:56 McLouth steals second.

5:55 Nate McLouth singles on a line drive to Suzuki. Hardy flies out to right field and Jones flies out to center.

Top of the 4th, 0-0

5:50 Adam Jones makes back-to-back catches in center field to end the bottom of the 3rd inning.

5:47 Granderson gets good contact on the 4th pitch from Hammel and hits it deep to right center field. Ball caught for out one.

5:44 Robert Andino hits a ball to right field caught for out three.

5:41 On a full count, Lew Ford hits a ball to left field caught by Suzuki for out two.

5:38 Mark Reynolds strikes out swinging for the first out.

Top of the 3rd, 0-0

5:33 Swisher

swings and misses on third strike, but Wieters drops the ball. Swisher thrown out at first base.

5:31 Raul Ibanez hits a ball to center caught by Adam Jones for out two.

5:29 Mark Teixeira grounds out to Manny Machado.

5:27 Manny Machado strikes out for the final out of the top of the second inning. Score tied, 0-0.

Notes: This series features the two top homerun-hitting teams in the MLB. Homeruns have been scarce for both teams in the playoffs.

5:25 Matt Wieters strikes out on four pitches.

5:23 Chris Davis hits one soft and is thrown out at first by Yankees catcher Russell Martin.

5:20 Robinson Cano    hits a long foul ball to right field that draws cheers from the crowd.     On the next pitOn the next pitch, he hits a popup to first caught by Mark Reynolds for out three.

5:17 Suzuki thrown out at first for second out.

5:16 Derek Jeter, who was 1-3 in the series opener against Hammel, strikes out watching a ball he probably thought was low.

Bottom of 1st, 0-0

NOTES: Yankee Stadium looks bare, but fans can be seen trickling in to their seats. Attendance last night's game was 49,307.

5:11 Adam Jones backs away from first pitch. Another inch in, and it may have hit him. Jones goes down swinging on a full count.

5:08 JJ Hardy hits one to right field that's caught by Swisher for the second out of the inning.

5:07 A-Rod is on the bench for tonight's game. Nate McLouth of the Orioles is first up to bat. McLouth hits the first pitch to center field, caught for the first out of the inning.

Tonight's game is scheduled to begin at 5:07 p.m. It is the final game of the AL division series between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles. It will feature a pitching rematch between Jason Hammel of the Orioles and CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees.

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