Brooks Robinson back among the people

Orioles legend speaks after hospitalization

Ever since he played the hot corner at Memorial Stadium, Oriole great Brooks Robinson has always been a man of the people.

"I don't know how many people I've run into who say, 'you came to see my father in the hospital' or 'you came to my little league banquet'...everyone has a story and I love it."

So when the man many affectionately call "Brooksy" landed in the hospital earlier this year, the people he touched on and off the diamond showed their support.

"I know there were over 500 emails there from people everywhere," Robinson said.

"The response I got was just so heart warming it pushed me on...I am just glad I got my health and It's getting better all the time."

Robinson says he's not quite feeling like he did in his playing days, but he's exercising daily, and he continues to feel better and better each day.  He concedes he's moving a little slower now, but his smile and his warmth don't seem to have changed a bit.

Neither has his sense of humor.

"I might be able to field a few ground balls next week."

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