Pat Neshek's baby dies

OAKLAND - These last few nights, O's fever has had us all holding our breaths and our hearts pounding.  But lost in the drama and excitement of it all is the fact that the players on the field become regular people when they step off the diamond.  And sometimes that normal life comes with tragedy.

This week was supposed to be one of the greatest in the lives of Oakland A's pitcher Pat Neshek and his wife.  Neshek's team clinched a playoff spot and hours later he was on a plane home to catch the birth of their first child, a son name Gehrig.

Less than 24 hours later, Gehrig died in his mother's arms.

The couple told the world through Twitter late Wednesday night.

Stephanie, Pat's wife, says there is no explanation for her son's death, and she is not sure why God would let such a thing happen. 

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