Ukraine says insurgents attack border guards

LUHANSK, UKRAINE - A spokesman says at least five rebels are dead and eight are wounded in a continuing attack on a border guard camp in eastern Ukraine.

Today's initial attack by about 100 insurgents in Luhansk was met by firing from border guards, but the number of attackers swelled to around 400 a few hours later.

The spokesman says Ukrainian forces sent an airplane to the area but still have been unable to quell the attack.

The press secretary for Ukraine's operation against the rebels in the east says there was another rebel attack today on a government checkpoint in Slovyansk, a city in the Donetsk region that has been an epicenter of the pro-Russian movement. He says rebels had mined a number of power plants in Slovyansk, which would be detonated if the government were to move on the city.

For weeks, Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine has been the scene of deadly clashes between government troops and pro-Russian insurgents.

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