Ukraine announces deal to end crisis as death toll rises

KIEV - The office of Ukraine's president says it has negotiated an international deal intended to end battles between police and protesters that have killed scores and injured hundreds.

However, it remains unclear whether the deal would appease protesters.  President Viktor Yanukovych's (yah-noo-KOH'-vichez) office says the opposition has agreed to initial the deal, reached after all-night negotiations with EU diplomats.

European officials caution that it's too early to declare a breakthrough.

Meanwhile, shots were fired near Kiev's Independence Square this morning. It's unclear where they were coming from or whom they are targeting. The Interior Ministry has accused the opposition of breaking a truce and firing at law enforcement officers.

Demonstrators have camped for three months on Kiev's Independence Square, demanding Yanukovych's resignation and early elections. The president triggered the protests by scrapping a pact with the European Union in favor of close ties with Russia.

Ukraine has divided loyalties between Russia and the West. Several regions in the west of the country are in open revolt against the central government, while many in eastern Ukraine back the president and favor strong ties with their former Soviet ruler.

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