Shooting rampage near UC Santa Barbara campus

A Hollywood director believes his son was the lone gunman who went on a shooting rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara that killed six people -- weeks after the family had called police about disturbing YouTube videos he had posted, his lawyer said Saturday.
Deputies found the gunman dead behind the wheel of his crashed BMW with a gunshot wound to his head Friday night in the beach neighborhood of Isla Vista, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said. The rampage also left seven others hospitalized with gunshot wounds or other major injuries, including one who underwent a life-saving surgery.
Alan Shifman -- a lawyer who represents Peter Rodger, one of the assistant directors on "The Hunger Games" -- issued a statement on behalf of the family saying they believe Rodger's son, Elliot Rodger, was the shooter.
"The Rodger family offers their deepest compassion and sympathy to the families involved in this terrible tragedy. We are experiencing the most inconceivable pain, and our hearts go out to everybody involved," Shifman said.
Authorities have not confirmed the identity of the shooter.
Police say a gunman driving a BMW killed six people last night in the beachside community of Isla Vista. The suspect was later found dead with a gunshot wound to the head, but it's not clear whether he was shot by deputies or committed suicide.
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says seven people are hospitalized with gunshot wounds or other injuries, including one who has undergone surgery.


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