Preservationists may use olive oil to protect Englilsh church from acid rain

Marinating a church in olive oil

Looming high over the city of Christendom, England, the York Minster church has survived a lot throughout its history including wars and fires.  But now it's facing another battle: acid rain.  Until now, preservationists have struggled to find a way to protect the church.  Now they may have discovered a solution that is found in most kitchens.

Live Science reports that preservationists are turning to olive oil to save the church, and other structures like it. The York Minster is made of limestone, which makes it vulnerable to acid rain.  Dr. Karen Wilson, a chemist at Cardiff University in Wales, tells NPR that olive oil contains oleic acid, which can bind with the stone and protect it.

Preservationists are using a limestone sample to look at the long-term effects of using olive oil on the stone.




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