Fantasy site lets you pick the pope

BALTIMORE - The world is watching Rome right now as we wait to find out who will be the next pope. Very soon we are expected to see another smoke signal.

We know the 115 cardinals in Vatican City get the final say on who becomes the next pope, but that doesn't mean you can't put in your two cents.

Josh Blackman created the website

With the help of a catholic leaning think thank, he selected the 16 cardinals most likely to be chosen as the next catholic leader.

"We have people from 200 countries, we had over 100 people vote from Rome today, so can see people in Rome voting on this, this has gotten totally global," he said.

Other websites similar to Blackman's have popped up since the start of the conclave. There are also several apps you can download, even one that alerts you when the smoke turns white.

Report from ABCNEWS


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