American journalist being held captive in Ukraine

SLOVYANSK, UKRAINE - Pro-Russian gunmen in eastern Ukraine say they are holding an American journalist captive.

Simon Ostrovsky, a journalist for Vice News, has not been seen since early Tuesday.

Stella Khorosheva, a spokeswoman for the pro-Russian insurgents in the eastern city of Slovyansk, confirmed Wednesday that Ostrovsky was being held at the local branch of the Ukrainian security service that they seized more than a week ago.

Khorosheva told The Associated Press Ostrovsky is "fine" and is "suspected of bad activities" which she refused to explain. She says the insurgents are holding Ostrovsky pending their own investigation.

In a statement, Vice News says it "is in contact with the U.S. State Department and other appropriate government authorities to secure the safety and security of our friend and colleague, Simon Ostrovsky."

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