California different states: Divide California into 6 states? It could happen

SACRAMENTO, CA - A billionaire’s vision of breaking up California into six states could become a reality now that he’s gathered enough signatures to place the proposal on the 2016 ballot, according to SFGate.

Timothy Draper, a wealthy Silicon Valley venture capitalist who has invested in Skype, Twitter and others, needed 807,615 valid signatures to get the measure into the November 2016 general election in California. 

All this in an effort "to reboot and refresh" the state of California, according to the report

The author of the story wrote that Draper delivered more than one million signatures that supported his proposed constitutional amendment. 

Draper's goal is to give the coastal state a more effective governing body. According to a press release from the initiative, California "in forty short years, has gone from the best to the worst...Six Californias gives us an opportunity to improve our schools, our roads, our waterways, our business and jobs climate, our prison system and our economy."

The six states would be named South California, West California, Central California, Silicon Valley, North California and Jefferson.

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