Ways to be healthy for adults and kids

BALTIMORE - For the past eight months students in Baltimore city have been working to improve their health and get fit.

On Wednesday they are being rewarded for their efforts with an afternoon of fun.

The kids have been tracking their progression through the "recess Baltimore" program.

They have been eating healthier foods and working on fitness goals.

Wednesday they get to play, dance and have fun at the "du burns" arena.

How can you reach your fitness goals?

If you don't have a program at school like the kids, it's sometimes easier to talk about developing a healthy lifestyle, than actually doing it.

  • Experts say a good way to start is by keeping track of how much you're eating with a food diary.
  • Then make moves to get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day into your diet.
  • Then you can try to limiting your red meat intake and eliminating sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • Instead drink water, and squeeze some fresh fruit juice into it for flavor.
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