Class teaches 'Pole Fitness for Jesus'

HOUSTON - Some women in the Houston area have taken pole dancing into new territory. They're taking a class called "Pole Fitness for Jesus."

The classes are held at The Best Shape of your Life studio in Old Town Spring, Texas.

The second Sunday of each month, the women get together to pole dance to Christian music.

They say the class is spiritual, not sexual.

"I do feel a spiritual connection whenever you have the music on, and it's singing about lifting you up and being closer to God," says student Tiffany Booth. "You do feel that."

Instructor Crystal Dean defends the idea against critics.

"People who want to sit there and judge it, you know, like well that is sacrilegious or you know, she told local news station KTRK. "That doesn't make you a good Christian when you judge other people."

Dean offers the class free to any woman who brings in a church pamphlet.

She says she doesn't charge because she doesn't want to make a profit on God's day.

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