VIDEO: Tempe home invasion caught on video game webcam

TEMPE, AZ - Online gamers were in for a surprise Monday morning when one of their teammates was a victim of a home invasion during game play .

Video posted on a popular gaming news website showed video that the online gamer had recorded and posted online while she played Dota 2.

The original video shows normal game play and a webcam shot of the player, when she suddenly ducks after a commotion and an individual with a gun comes into view.

After seven minutes, an individual comes into frame with what appears to be stolen items and several guns.

The webcam plays with normal gameplay for over 17 minutes as the incident unfolds.

The home invasion occurred in Tempe around 5:15 a.m. A female victim was reportedly surprised by two men who forced their way into her apartment.

One of the suspects was found inside the apartment and the other is still being sought.

Individuals online at the same time as the live-streamed videogame watched as the invasion occurred and contacted authorities. A friend reportedly saw the incident and knew the victim's location.

Tweets from fellow gamers and figures in the gaming community suggest the players involved are OK.


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