University of Maryland expands credit monitoring after breach

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - The University of Maryland extended an offer of free credit monitoring for students, faculty, staff and alumni affected by a data breach at the school.

President Wallace Loh said Tuesday the university increased the credit monitoring offer from one year to five years. Loh pledged a "top to bottom" examination of all of the school's computing and information systems. 

“We will scam every single database to find out where sensitive personal information is located. Then we will either purge or protect it more fully,” Loh said in a video message posted to YouTube

The announcement comes a week after the university found out it was targeted by hackers. School officials said the personal information of more than 300,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni was compromised. Anyone with a university ID dating back to 1998 could be at risk. 

“We know there is no impregnably barrier against all sophisticated and determined cyber-attacks," Loh said in the video message. "But because of the actions we’re taking, I pledge to you that the University of Maryland we be even stronger, bigger and better in the unremitting and global fight against cyber-crime. To those affected by cyber security breach, I sincerely apologize.  I thank you for your understanding, your patients and your support of the University of Maryland.” 

The free credit monitoring the school is offering is available through Experion. If you were impacted by the data breach, you can contact Experion by calling 1-866-274-3891. Tuesday the University of Maryland admitted Experion's hotline struggled to handle the call volume of people signing up for credit monitoring after the breach. President Loh asked callers to be patient.  You can also register through the company's website, .

Anyone who previously registered for the free credit monitoring through Experion will automatically be upgraded from one year to five years.


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