Tropical Storm Arthur may rain on your fourth of July

We're a month into the Atlantic hurricane season and the tropics are finally coming to life.

Tropical storm warnings have already been issued in Atlantic waters off the coast of central Florida to North Carolina. Coastal areas in Florida are under tropical storm watches.

The tropical system spinning off the Atlantic coast of Florida has been gaining strength the last couple days and has now reach tropical storm status. This is tropical storm Arthur.


The latest forecast models have this storm continuing development through the week. It could become a hurricane by Friday morning.


Right now, damage from this storm will likely be minimal as it skirts up the east coast. The only signs of this storm seen on land will likely be some heavier rain from South Carolina to Massachusetts shortly before, during, and after the July 4th holiday.

June isn't typically an active month with an average of one tropical cyclone every two years, so it doesn't come as a surprise that we made it through the month without a single storm.

July isn't usually a busy month for tropical activity either. On average, the United States sees one tropical storm or hurricane during the entire month, and the first storm of the season typically occurs by July 11.

When tropical lows form this time of year, it's usually on the tail end of a sweeping cold front. As the front slides across the Gulf of Mexico or in Atlantic waters near Florida, it can create enough rotation for new storms to develop.

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