Travel to outer space for less than cab fare

Service offers ticket to space for $10 donation

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Been putting off exotic travel plans because airfare is too expensive? If you’ve got $10 in your wallet, you may be able to take a trip where few men have gone before.

For roughly the same price it cost to see “Gravity” in theaters, anyone could blast off to space as part of a new charity drive.

The “Ticket to Rise” campaign from The Urgency Network offers donors a ticket into a raffle where the grand prize is a seat aboard the XCOR Lynx Mark II spacecraft in 2015. California-based XCOR is one of two companies offering commercial space flights next year, but tickets start at $95,000.

“The Urgency Network offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences as a way to cut through the noise (of the Internet) and capture your attention for causes that need your support,” the Urgency Network’s mission statement claims.

The Beverly Hills-based service connects donors with nonprofits and offers lavish prizes through drawings. Past giveaways include hanging out with billionaire Richard Branson in New York City and spending three days in Maui with spiritual teacher Ram Dass.

A $10 donation to one of a list of nonprofit organizations will get the donor 50 entries into the “Ticket to Rise” grand prize drawing. Participating nonprofits include The Adventure Project, Bridges for Music, PETA and Teen Cancer America, according to Urgency Network’s website.

The service, whose motto is “No good deed goes unrewarded,” charges a 10 percent fee from all campaign revenue, according to its website. Every $1 million raised by the campaign will purchase another ticket to space.

The XCOR Lynx Mark II will reach an altitude of 338,000 feet, or roughly 64 miles in the air, according to the campaign’s details.

The campaign ends Aug. 11, and each grand prize winner will be selected using the company’s custom software.

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