Travel hacks to make your life easier

​As much fun as traveling can be, it can sometimes lead to high-stress situations.  Here are a few tips to keep your trip running smoothly.

Pack an empty bottle in your carry-on so you can get through security, then fill it up on the other side.  There is no need to spend $4 on water every time you get on a plane!

Bring a trash container like this one along on road trips.  The trash piles up, especially if you're hitting a lot of drive-thrus, so having a single place to store it and then toss it all at once is a great way to keep your car clean.

Keep your flight attendants happy with a sweet treat.  A flight attendant can do a lot to make your flight more pleasant, and a candy bar or some other small gesture can go a long way to ensuring they take good care of you. 

Request a fragile sticker for your suitcase to ensure that it ends up on the top of the luggage pile and the first on the conveyer belt at the baggage claim.  Is this cheating?  Yes, but all's fair in love, war and being the first to the taxi line.

Use your smartphone to drop a pin on Google Maps when you park, and never lose your car again.  Or, if you're in a parking garage, take a picture of your section so you don't forget.

For more travel hack suggestions, be sure to check that mecca of all life hacks, Pinterest.

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