Tips for managing road rage

According to a 2009 report by Web MD, avoiding an encounter with road rage in the Baltimore metropolitan area is more difficult than several other large cities.

The report ranks Baltimore 21st among US cities when it comes to road rage related incidents. New York, three hours away, tops the list, and Washington, D.C. is 18th.

So, how do you manage the 4-hour belt of angry road warriors? The following tips may come in handy:

• If you are getting stressed or tense, take a breath, turn on the radio or do whatever it is that you do to calm down when you are angry.

• Keep a cool head. Experts say finding the humor in an incident can help you avoid a boiling point.

• Avoid eye contact with the other driver. 1) Your eyes should be on the road. 2) The last thing you want to see is something that could make you angry.

• Be the better person. Don't make an obscene gesture if you don't expect one in return.

• If a raged driver is looking to pass, let them. No need in creating some sort of asphalt-coated power struggle. Just get out of the left lane.

• Avoid getting behind the wheel if you are tired or irritable.

• If you witness road rage, call police.

** Sources: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, New England Stress Management, Web MD.

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