Take these steps to cut down on road rage

BALTIMORE - Speeding, traffic congestion, being in a hurry, road work, stress from other areas of life, dangerous driving attitudes and selfishness all contribute to aggressive driving.

Ways to control your road rage:

  • First, AAA says Give yourself plenty of time before leaving for work. 'Most people are more stressed if they are rushed and encounter back-ups and congestion. So you want to make sure people give themselves plenty of time before they leave their homes.'
  • Second, be courteous, 'Just be a courteous driver is probably the best bet. Obey the speed limits, obey the laws of the road.
  • Plan ahead. Check traffic reports before going on long trips to you can avoid the traffic jams. Look for construction projects that are on your route so you can plan your detour in advance.
  • 'Avoid conflict, 'Avoid eye contact. Avoid using your horn. These are the sorts of things that trigger people.'
  • And don't take matters into your own hands. Commander of the Golden Ring State Police Barrack, Lt. Jim DeWees says, 'If you're being tailgated or you're in an aggressive driving situation or you see an aggressive driving situation unfold, pound 77, 911 if it's that bad or call your local barrack directly. Give us a description of the vehicle, the number of occupants that are in it and the direction they are going.'
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