Study confirms 10 geekiest states in America

Whether you're a LARPer, gamer, cosplayer, or you're obsessed with fandoms, according to Estately's latest study, Utah is the geekiest state in America…who knew, right?

The Seattle-based company analyzed Facebook data from across the country in order to figure out which states are nerd-friendly, and which states aren't.

Each state was put into twelve "nerd categories" that varied from interests in cosplay, fantasy literature and comic books to "Harry Potter" and Magic: The Gathering.

Coming out on top was Utah, who dominated the nerd chart with the highest interests in "Harry Potter," "Star Wars," LARPing, fantasy lit and unparalleled obsessions with "Lord of the Rings." My kind of town.

Second place went to Alaska, where role-playing and LARPing rule, though Wyoming took the top spot for "Doctor Who" obsession. Idaho loves "Harry Potter" and anime, and Colorado is home to some of the most geek-friendly conventions in the country.

Washington and Kentucky are obsessed with "Lord of the Rings," and Oregon has the biggest "Star Trek" fans in the West. Finally, New Mexico and West Virginia have some seriously nerdy conventions, gatherings and parties.

There you have it: a list of the top 10 nerd utopias in the country. Regardless of what you're obsessed with, there's a state full of people who love the same thing, and in most cases, are celebrating it.

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