Woman given offensive Radio Shack receipt

A Baltimore woman says she got a lot more than she bargained for while shopping at a Radio Shack in Montgomery County.

Shanae Lewis says she bought a $20 cassette adapter at the Radio Shack in Hillandale.

As she was paying for the adapter, Shanae says she was caught off guard by the 5 cent bag tax in Montgomery County.

She hadn't heard of it because she lives in Baltimore.

After going back and forth with the salesman, Shanae decided to return the adapter she had just bought.

When the salesman gave her money back, he also gave her a receipt for the refund and at the bottom, Shanae says he typed "ugly itch, Ghettohood, USA, Tattoville, Maryland."

Shanae says, "I was shocked more so than anything and then I became angry."

Shanae says the salesman claims he was only kidding. The store manager declined to comment.

Shanae has gotten in touch with Radio Shack's corporate office to get the salesman fired.

Story and video courtesy of WUSA and CNN.

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