Will Maryland's gun laws get stricter?

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Could Maryland become one of the strictest states for gun control laws?  It's what lawmakers in Annapolis are debating all week.   

Governor O'Malley has made gun control one of his top priorities this session.

The Senate began debating his bill Tuesday, which seeks to put tighter controls on who can buy guns and the types of weapons that can sold.

The bill would ban assault-style weapons, limit magazine size and require fingerprints for handgun licenses.

The measure was introduced to the full Senate yesterday and lawmakers debated the bill for 2 hours.

They'll take it up again first thing this morning... debate on the bill is expected to last all week.

Also happening today, Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson will head to DC to testify for tougher gun laws.

He'll be joined by dozens of other law enforcement leaders from across the country.

Johnson is the chairman of the national partnership to prevent gun violence.

He wants a limit on high capacity magazines, an assault weapons ban, and background checks.

The house judiciary committee will begin debating the governor's gun bill on Friday.

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