U.S. Postal Service warns of identity scam

The Postal Inspection Service has received complaints from individuals nationwide related to fraudulent emails and phone calls.

These messages are falsely claiming that a package was unable to be delivered by the US Postal Service.

These emails and phone calls are attempting to gather personal identifying information.

The emails, which claim to be from the US Postal Service, include a message related to an attempted or intercepted package delivery. The customer is told to click the link or open an attachment in the email, then print the label.

When opened, a malicious virus is installed on the customer's computer. This virus could steal personal information located on the customer's computer and compromise the customer's information.

If a customer receives an email similar to the one described above, do not click on the link or open the attachment.  Forward the email to spam@uspis.gov.

Criminals are also contacting potential victims via the phone. When contacted, similar information is provided related to an attempted or intercepted package delivery. The caller attempts to obtain personal identifying information from the customer.

If a customer receives a phone call, they should follow these steps:
Do not provide any personal identifying information to the caller Hang up Contact your local post office to verify the phone call Contact the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455
The Postal Inspection Service is actively investigating these fraudulent emails and phone calls.

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