Unattended candles lead to trio of fires in Prince George's County in last month

LAUREL, Md. - Another fire in Prince George’s County sparked by an unattended candle has prompted fire officials to issue a safety warning to residents.

A candle left alone at Shear Bliss Salon in the 100 block of 2nd Street in Laurel led to a fire early Wednesday morning that caused more than $50,000 in damage, according to the Prince George’s County Fire Department.

Department spokesman Mark Brady said it’s the third fire in the county that has started this way in the last month.

Brady said a fire in a Mt. Rainier home was started by incense left unattended, and a Capitol Heights home was severely damaged after an unattended candle led to a fire.

Laurel Fire Marshal Dave Cope said an unattended candle also gutted a Laurel apartment on 5th Street in February. Cope said the woman who lived there left it burning for more than seven hours. It ignited the curtains, and then the entire apartment caught fire.

"We found the candle that caused it, and right on the bottom of it was a warning not to let it burn more than four hours," Cope said in a news release. "Candles are very popular in homes these days, but people need to read the instructions on how to use them safely. Don't let them burn longer than you're supposed to, or near anything that can catch fire." 

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