Two raccoons test positive for rabies

BRUSNWICK, Md. (WMAR) - The Frederick County Health Department say two raccoons have tested positive for rabies within the last two weeks in Brunswick.

The first was a young, injured raccoon that was found on July 4 along Petersville Road between Greenwood and B Street. The second raccoon was involved in an altercation with dogs on July 18 on F Street.

These raccoons are the 17th and 18th that have tested positive for rabies from Frederick County in 2012 and both were found in Brunswick.

For anyone who lives in the area that may have had contact with the raccoons in the last 20 days should consult your physician and notify the Health Department at 301-600-1717. If your pets have been in contact with the raccoons, you should contact your vet and also notify the Health Department.

George Keller, Director for the Health Department's Environmental Health Services advises the public "To protect your family from possible rabies exposure, both people and pets should avoid contact with wild or stray animals and make sure that your pets are vaccinated".

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