Two men record rap song, then rob recording studio

Police hope song will lead to suspects

Police in Laurel say two men recorded a rap song inside of a studio, and then robbed the place.

ABC-2 News has learned that the suspects did not set up their time through the recording studio; instead they simply knocked on the door while another  group was recording there.  Members of that group let them in and helped them make the song..

The song appears to be a tribute to notorious Chicago gang leader, Larry Hoover.

It was recorded at Copy Catz studio in Laurel early Thursday morning...

Afterward, police say the two men who recorded the song went outside, but then came right back in and one of them had a gun.

They forced three people to hand over money and other items then left.

The general manager of Copy Catz says no one on his staff recognizes the voices on the recording.

"It is possible that the recording was just a guise or some kind of misdirection to come in here and do what they did," said the GM, Carlos Garcia.

Police have surveillance video that was taken as the suspects entered and left the building -- but they say the song itself might be their best clue.

"It's well-produced and we're hoping that someone will recognize either the concept -- maybe heard the song before possibly -- but we're hoping that they might recognize the voices," said Pete Piringer, a spokesman for the City of Laurel.

Employees say the suspects are most likely from Laurel because of references in the song.  "Among musicians and rappers I'm sure it's a small community and we're very hopeful that we'll be able to get a positive id on the suspects," Garcia said.

If you think you recognize the song you're asked to call the Laurel Police Department.

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