Time running out to apply for homestead tax credit

BALTIMORE - Although it's been five years since the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation forcing homeowners to apply to continue getting the homestead tax credit, this is the first year it could affect you.

Lawmakers were spreading the word Tuesday to homeowners who have not filled out an application.

For those that have not completed an application postmarked by December 31st, there is bad news -- no tax credit.

In the past, homeowners got the credit automatically, so officials are worried property owners are unaware of what could happen this year.

"Whether they saw another piece of paper in their assessments and didn't fill it out, didn't realize more red tape, didn't do anything with it or the elderly who don't have access to computers," Senator Nancy Jacobs says those are all ways knowledge could have slipped through the cracks.

The law requiring homeowners to apply for the tax credit was passed in attempt to minimize fraud.

Have questions about the Maryland Homestead Tax Credit?  Click here  or call 410-767-2165 in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  Call 1-866-650-8783 elsewhere in Maryland.

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