Third man expcted to file lawsuit against "Elmo" puppeteer Kevin Clash

One accuser has already recanted

On Tuesday a third man is expected to file a lawsuit against Kevin Clash, the man behind the world-famous "Elmo" character on Sesame Street.

He's been performing as Elmo since 1984 -- winning 21 Emmys for Best Performer in a Children's Series.

That career is over.  Kevin Clash resigned last week after his first accuser came forward.  That man recanted his allegation of an underage sexual relationship.

Since then, a second man -- Cecil Singleton -- filed a $5-million lawsuit against Clash.

Singleton, spoke to CNN'S Dr. Drew this week.  "I was extremely vulnerable," Singleton said.  "And as far as I'm concerned Kevin, with his profession, was in a unique position to know that I would be a receptive victim."

Tuesday in New York, the singleton's attorney says another man will outline similar accusations against clash.

The third accuser is now 29, and says he was 16 when he had sexual relations with Clash.

Cecil Singleton is now 24; he says he was 15 when he met the puppeteer.

"I felt extremely guilty," Singleton said.  "By seeing a decent side of him or seeing what I want to, that I had put him in contact with more children."

Clash brought his famous alter-ego to Baltimore several times -- speaking with ABC-2 News about his career just last year.

But now that career is in ruins, as more accusers continue to come forward.

"It's not about money," Singleton said.  "In fact I'd like to make him an offer -- if he would acknowledge the relationship we had when I was 15 years old, as well as apologize to any prospective victim out there, and agree to never work around minors as well as pay my attorney's fees I would drop the $5-million lawsuit because frankly I don't need his money.  It's never been about money for me."

A spokeswoman for Clash told the AP:  "Mr. Clash believes this lawsuit has no merit."

The third accuser's lawsuit is expected to be filed Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

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