The next Four Loko may be on the shelves

BALTIMORE - In a bright neon can with horses and fruit on it, some say it looks like a kid's drink, but it's not.

A new alcoholic drink looks like it's being marketed to kids.

The can looks like an energy drink, like Monster or Arizona, it even sounds like an energy drink.

Blast was introduced by Pabst Brewing Company earlier this month, and has the same alcohol content as wine.

Just one can holds the equivalent of four glasses.

Student Kelvin Rodriguez says that he thinks "it's being marketed to kids because kids are obviously drawn to colorful things and obviously with all these intricate designs."

In a letter to Pabst, Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler wrote, "At a time when we're fighting to prevent underage and binge drinking, we call upon Pabst to rethink the dangers posed by Blast."

Attorney Generals from sixteen states and territories cosigned the statement, but some folks sat this drink won't cause any more trouble than others.

Jordan Kellermeyer says that she thinks "a seventeen year old thinks any kind of booze is cool honestly."

A similar drink called Four Loko was banned in 2010 in Maryland and many other states.

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