Suspected cannibal found not criminally responsible in student's beating

Officials say Kinyua is a paranoid schizophrenic

Seven months to the day after the vicious attack that took the vision from one of his eyes and nearly took his life, Joshua Ceasar arrived at the Mitchell Courthouse where he would come face to face with his attacker again.

"Just the possibility to get out... I feel unsafe, and this is something I have to live with every day that I can't see and that I have to wake up and relive," said Ceasar.

On March 19th, Ceasar entered a dorm at Morgan State University where a shrouded figure, Alexander Kinyua, was waiting for him with a bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Kinyua has admitted to beating Joshua, and then his roommates discovered the victim in a back room where he had been dragged with his friend, Kinyua, standing over him with a knife.

A week later it's alleged that Kinyua, who had been freed on bail, killed a house guest in his Harford County home before carving him up and eating part of his organs.

The court has found Kinyua wasn't criminally responsible for the attack on his former classmate since he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time---suffering from delusions that he was the only one who could save the world from an invasion by an alien reptile race.

In the months leading up to the attack Kinyua's family also saw evidence of his mental disorder.
"His father who is a professor at Morgan State University was on notice that his son was bringing home dead animals and storing them in the house," said Ceasar"s attorney, Steve Silverman.
Kinyua had claimed a dead fox and other animals held special powers.

The judge said, under state law, she had no choice but to commit him.

"Obviously, Mr. Kinyua has mental health problems," said Assistant Public Defender Harun Shabazz, "He's mentally ill and the court did the right thing here."
But for one of the targets of the young man's delusions that ruling rings hollow.

"I want him to never be able to see the light of day again," said Ceasar.

Doctors at Perkins found Kinyua still suffering from delusions following the murder.

He told them that jailers had tried to poison him at Central Booking and that his family was dead and had been replaced with imposters.

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