Supporters of Affordable Care Act tout Maryland successes

BALTIMORE - Maryland's rollout of the new healthcare exchange website was plagued with early problems.

Signing up for the Affordable Care Act was troubling for many. But the Maryland Citizen's Health Initiative wants you to know that not only have those early problems been addressed, the exchange has generated even more signups than originally projected.

"Originally the state had wanted to enroll 260,000 people by March 31st,” said Vincent DeMarco, president of the Maryland Citizen's Health Initiative. “Instead we've enrolled over 330,000 people.”

To get this positive word out a new ad campaign has been launched. On radio spots and YouTube videos , local people helped by the exchange share their stories.

"The cost of health care just made it really difficult for me and my family,” said Nancy Hughes, who benefitted from the Affordable Care Act. “I went through the registration process with absolutely no problems at all. At this date I am fully covered."

However, some people remain hesitant after so many problems with the website, in which the state spent more than $200 million to launch. Supporters of the legislation and the exchange remain undaunted.

"I went to the navigator and asked the questions,” said Grace Miller, who also benefited from the exchange. “I'm like ‘Should I get health insurance? How much should I be paying?  This is my budget, this is what I have to do?’ And they're like calm down; it's just health insurance, it's easy. I think if you're hesitant just ask questions.  They'll find someone who has the answers."

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