MD SPCA looking forward to session and potential of new ground on pit bull, dog bite legislation

The Maryland SPCA is looking forward to the start of the regular session of the General Assembly Wednesday.

They're hopeful there can be some new and welcome ground on a ruling made during special session that labeled pure-bred pit bulls "inherently dangerous."

They're also hopeful that adjustments can be made on legislation that failed to pass on dog bite liability.

What would the SPCA like to see happen?

"For any legislation that's considered, we want something that is breed neutral and that does not hold third parties, like landlords, liable," said executive director of the Maryland SPCA Aileen Gabbey.

Gabbey said representatives from the SPCA recently testified in front of a special task force designed to resolve the issue. She argues the pit bull legislation and potential dog bite liability legislation will not just affect pets, but people.

"We're looking forward to the General Assembly's regular session starting. We are hopeful that legislators will begin to work on legislation that will address the recent pit bull court ruling," she said.

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