Social work students send sympathy cards to Newtown

It's a busy week for students at University of Maryland's school of social work.

Between finals and study sessions, students are taking the time to send their sympathy to Sandy Hook.

After Friday's shooting in Newtown, Connecticut , student groups changed their plans for today's annual holiday gathering. What was slated as a special holiday lunch to give students a break from studying became something much more.

"We're creating a banner and giving people a chance to sign that banner," said social work student Dwayne Haley.

It was a joint initiative supported by several student organizations. In the mind of Haley and other social work students, it was exactly what they should have been doing in response to such an incident.

Haley said reflecting on the incident in Newtown reinforces purpose -- what they do is needed.

Is the system flawed?

"I think that's a loaded question," Haley said.

He admits, there is plenty of social work to be done.

In addition to working on the large banner, students also made individual cards.

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