Secret Santa makes generous donation

Santa paid off 150 K-Mart layaway contracts

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. - It's a phenomenon that has been happening all across the county. Some generous people step up and pay off the layaway bills of others for the holidays.

So far the biggest Secret Santa to make dreams come true is from right here in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

With just a few shopping days left, the crunch is on and how to pay for the last remaining gifts is a concern for a lot of us.

Well, not at the Prince Frederick K-Mart. An anonymous donor came in Saturday and gave more than $20,000 to cover layaways for customers and workers at this store.

"I've been doing retail for 35 years and haven't seen anything like this," says employee Robin Walker.

Robin Walker has worked at the K-Mart for 10 years and had 6 things on layaway and was going to have to eliminate some of them, but now, she says "it was the most wonderful thing" when her items rang up just $1.

Maria Brown was also surprised when she learned her layaway bill is now just $1.

"It's just amazing that there are nice people like this," says Maria.

Jessica Elkins who works in the store's layaway department gets to see the joy on the faces of those people receiving this gift.

"It's kind of like being Santa's little helper," she says.

So Christmas came a little early for more than 150 people at the Prince Frederick K-Mart this year.

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