Same-sex couples can get marriage licenses today



Today is the day same-sex couples who want to marry have been waiting for. They can get their marriage licenses.

It was approved on election day, and just a month later it is now official, but not everyone has to hand out a license.

Even though same sex couples will have the license they won't actually be able to tie the knot until January first when the new law goes into effect.

The governor is expected to formally ratify the election results -- allowing clerks to hand out marriage certificates today.

The Clerk of Courts can choose not to issue licenses until January second when the law officially goes into effect.

One of the compromises proponents of same sex marriage struck in order to get enough votes in the House of Delegates was a provision that prevented the new law from taking effect before midnight December 31st.

Attorney General Doug Gansler said that clerks may issue licenses as soon as the governor declares same sex marriage approved by voters. The only restriction was  that the licenses cannot be effective before midnight on January 1st.

Although same sex couples can wed on January 1st they will still be considered as single for state income tax purposes.

So again today is the day same sex couples can line up at the courthouse for a marriage license.

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