Robbery victim: "He took my weed and took my rent money"

Masked men rob home near University of Maryland

Police are looking for three suspects in an armed robbery just off the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park.

It happened shortly before 1pm in the 8300 block of Curry Place in Adelphi.  The neighborhood is less than a mile from the College Park campus.

Three current and two former University of Maryland students live in the home that was hit.  Police say three masked men came in through an open door.

After they left, one of the residents called 911.

"I woke up to one of them walking in my room and asking where my money and drugs were," said one of the residents on the 911 tape.

The dispatcher responded:  "He asked you for money and drugs. Did he get it?"

The resident answered:  "He took my weed and took my rent money."

Police confirm the robbery was drug-related.  "Two of the suspects had hand-guns. They stole laptops, cell phones, money, to include marijuana," said Cpl. Mike Rodriguez, of the Prince George's County Police Department.

Memu Natu lives two doors down from the home.  Her home was also robbed -- just two weeks ago.

"They took my laptop, my daughter's laptop. I have some money in my wallet they took the money," she said.

Natu is wondering whether the robbers got the wrong house, and came back to the neighborhood again.

She says the cul-de-sac has not been nearly as quiet since the current residents of the home moved in.  "They have parties. Constant parties outside of there," she said.

She's hoping the robbery will force the owner of the home to find new tenants.

"It's a peaceful neighborhood, until they started bringing their parties and stuff," Natu said.  "Now we know why the parties keep on going on constantly every Saturday. That means they are coming for drugs."

Police say the suspects were wearing masks, so they don't have a good description of them.  But they say they did take the keys and then drive off in a car owned by one of the residents.  It's a silver Honda CRV with a large University of Maryland logo on the back.

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