Residents say Kent Island not as bad as they imagined

Morning brings more flooding to Kent Island

KENT ISLAND, Md. - Areas that were not flooded in the Kent Island area Monday night are now under water.

Entire neighborhoods were flooded, homeowners on edge as water inched up to the top of their doorsteps.

In addition to the nonstop rain and surge, storm drains clogged with leaves and other debris have played a role in the flooding.

Power was still on at many homes, and those on Kent Island say Sandy, at least as of early Tuesday morning, did not see the storm they imagined. They were somewhat relieved. True or not, they felt like the worst was over.

Monday saw what is believed was the worst of the storm for the Kent Island area. Wind speeds were measured at 80 mph over the Bay Bridge, which was shut down at about 1 p.m. Conditions were so severe that all emergency operations in the county were suspended. 

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