Laurel police identify 'credible' school threat

LAUREL, Md. (WMAR) -  

Flags are flying at half-staff in Laurel to remember the victims in Newtown, Connecticut.  The city is feeling lucky to stay off the map. 

"That's alarming just to hear it somewhere else and then to have it at your school.  It's surprising," said Nonye Ibik, a Junior at Laurel High School    

Laurel police say the incident began last week when students at Laurel High School told a teacher that a classmate made them uncomfortable.  The information got to police on Monday; that's when investigators searched the student's locker.

"There were some materials that were found in the locker that gave some credibility - some lists, charts, diagrams, things of that nature," said Pete Piringer, spokesperson, City of Laurel.    

The student was not at school, but police were able to find him and talk to his parents.  They realized he had access to weapons.  He was committed to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. 

"I just think it's becoming a lot more common, so when someone else sees it being done they're like oh, so they did it.  Now I can do it too," said Aitana Garrison, Laurel High School junior.    

It may be tough to make a copycat argument since police say the incident began before 26 people were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday.

Police say there were no verbal threats at the school, but it was enough to raise an eyebrow and take some action. 

"You don't want to risk it.  If it did happen you'd ben like I should have said something," said Garrison.    

The student was not arrested or charged.  A spokesperson for Prince George's County Schools says robocalls went out tonight to families.  A letter will be sent home on Wednesday. 

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