Police fire 18 rounds in fatal shooting


The Frederick County Bureau of Investigation has determined that deputies fired a total of 18 shots during a police-involved shooting that killed 19-year-old Daniel Vail. 
Frederick Police were serving a Howard County warrant in regards to a home invasion involving a shotgun and baseball bats in the 4800 block of Westwind Drive in Mt. Airy at the time of the shooting. 
When officers entered the residence, they identified themselves and encountered Vail in a bedroom. Police say Vail was pointing a shotgun at them. When Vail refused to put the gun down, officers shot and killed him.
Vail's mother was also taken into police custody. 
The Medical Examiner found injuries on Vail's hands and damage on the shotgun's pump action and stock that confirm that Vail was pointing the shotgun in the direction of the deputies. 
It was also determined that the shotgun was loaded with one round in the chamber and one round in the magazine. 
The officers remain on administrative per normal agency policy. 
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