Police fear missing Relisha Rudd may be dead

Police will again scour Kenilworth Park in Washington, D.C. today in the ongoing search for Relisha Rudd.

Authorities are concerned the 8-year-old girl, who has been missing since Feb. 26, may be dead.


Investigators believe Rudd was abducted by Kahlil Tatum, an employee at the D.C. homeless shelter where Rudd had been staying with her family. Tatum is also charged in the murder of his wife Andrea Tatum in Prince George’s County.

The search of the park comes after investigators uncovered new details in the timeline following Rudd’s disappearance. Her last confirmed sighting was on March 1 and the next day Tatum was seen buying several items including 42 gallon trash bags. He was spotted at the park soon after making that purchase.

Police also say Tatum was seen several times between March 1 and March 20 and Rudd was not with him on any of those occasions.

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