Pigs painted blue, tortoise stolen from Ijamsville petting farm

IJAMSVILLE - Pigs were spray painted blue and a tortoise worth $400 was stolen during a break-in at a Ijamsville petting farm this week.

On Monday night, someone broke into Green Meadows Petting Farm near Frederick, spray painted piglets, stole a tortoise and painted signs and walls.

“Our Mama Pig and her babies were spray painted, our beautiful barn was spray painted with ‘Urbana Rules’, our signs were spray painted and our sweet Henrietta, the tortoise, was taken,” reads a message posted on the farm’s Facebook page Tuesday morning.

The mother pig, Julia, and her piglets have been cleaned and are in good health, but the tortoise was still missing Thursday. The 8-year-old red-footed tortoise is from Brazil and worth about $400, according to staff at the farm. She has a small hole in the side of her shell.

The vandalism did not impact business heavily because the farm is closed to visitors Mondays and Tuesdays.

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