Obama won one 100% of the votes in one Baltimore City precinct

Romney got just one vote in 17 precincts

Voters reelected President Obama on Election Day, but Monday was the day the Electoral College made it official.

Electors met in all 50 states -- ours met at the State House in Annapolis -- and officially cast the 332 electoral votes that will give President Obama a second term.

Mitt Romney got 207 electoral votes.

And now that the results are official, we can take a closer look inside the numbers.  ABC-2 News has confirmed that in one precinct of Baltimore City, Barack Obama got 100 percent of the votes cast on Election Day.

After the election there were reports of that happening in some precincts in Philadelphia.

The results from our city's Board of Elections show that it definitely happened here.

Overall, Baltimore City went for President Obama 87 percent to just 11 percent for Romney.

In fact, the official results show there are 17 city precincts -- out of 294 -- where Mitt Romney got just one vote.

And in Ward 8, Precinct 4 – which is at the Harford Heights Elementary School on Broadway, just North of North Avenue – 207 people voted, and Barack Obama got 207 votes.

It is the only precinct in the city where the president got every vote.  Tanya Brown was there on Election Day.  "Everybody I talked to voted for Obama," she said.  "Oh yes we were talking about it and everything we were ready."

Mitt Romney was completely shut out at one other precinct.  He got no votes out of 801 cast at the Bel-Park tower in Park Heights; but seven votes for third-party candidates kept the president from another 100 percent precinct.

The head of the city's Board of Elections says there's no evidence of irregularities.

"It's happened before in city or state elections. It's just based upon the neighborhood and the make up of the neighborhood," said election director Armstead Jones.

And he says if Mitt Romney was interested in winning city voters, he could have always paid them a visit.

"I think that shows a lot of times when the campaigns don't do a lot of campaigning here prior to the election," Jones said.

Romney did come out ahead in four of Baltimore City's precincts; all four of those are in Northwest Baltimore.  Two precincts went for Romney at Northwestern High School, along with a precinct at Engine House 45 on Glen Avenue, and a precinct at Cross Country Elementary / Middle School.

That's just four precincts -- out of 294 in the city.

Johns Hopkins political science professor Matthew Crenson says African-American voters tend to vote Democratic, and even more so with an African-Aamerican president in the White House.

"It not only increases support but it also increases turnout," he said.  "So you get these precincts where everybody voted for Obama."

One problem, Crenson says, is having such non-diverse neighborhoods ends up depressing turn-out in local elections.  And he says it's a phenomenon that's happening all over the country.

"Politically like-minded people seem to be clustering together more and more in the same counties. So you get counties that are overwhelmingly republican, counties that are overwhelmingly democratic," he said.  "The disadvantage of that is that the democrats and republicans are no longer talking to one another."

In Ward 8, Precinct 4, all it meant that everyone was talking about four more years for President Obama.

"I think he just needed a little bit more time to do what he was trying to do. You know he was getting there, but he needed four more years to finish out his plan," Tanya Brown said.

The official results show the president also comfortably won in Baltimore County, 57 percent to 40 percent.

And in one county precinct, Obama got 833 out of 851 votes -- 98 percent.  That happened in the precinct housed in the Fleming Community Center Gym, in Dundalk.



- Approved "Dream Act" 52.88% to 47.12%

- Approved same sex marriage 51.73% to 48.27%

- Rejected expanded gambling 48.42% to 51.58%



Romney - 126,832 -- 48.75%
Obama - 126,635 -- 48.75%

- Rejected "Dream Act" 50.38% to 49.62%

- Approved same sex marriage 52.40% to 47.60%

- Rejected expanded gambling 54.36% to 45.64%



Romney - 56,761 -- 64.84%
Obama  - 27,939 -- 31.92%

- Rejected "Dream Act" 62.44% to 37.56%

- Rejected same sex marriage 56.18% to 43.82%

- Rejected expanded gambling 55.17% to 44.83%



Romney - 72,911 -- 57.89%
Obama - 47,729 -- 39.48%

- Rejected "Dream Act" 58.52% to 41.48%

- Rejected same sex marriage  55.54% to 44.46%

- Rejected expanded gambling 53.03% to 46.97%



Obama - 91,393 -- 59.69%
Romney - 57,758 -- 37.72%

- Approved "Dream Act" 61.07% to 38.93%

- Approved same sex marriage 59.22% to 40.78%

- Rejected expanded gambling 52.53% to 47.47%



Obama 347,938 -- 89.73%
Romney 35,734 -- 9.22%

- Approved "Dream Act" 74.93 to 25.07%

- Approved same sex marriage 50.41 to 49.59%


Rejected expanded gambling 59.39 to 40.61%

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