NWS cancels winter storm advisory

Western Md. warning still in effect

BALTIMORE - The National Weather Service canceled a winter storm advisory for central Maryland and downgraded a storm warning to an advisory for Carroll and Frederick Counties.

Warmer than expected temperatures changed the forecast to rain with snow accumulations of less than one inch in the affected areas.

The storm warning remains in effect for western Maryland with accumulations of 5 to 9 inches expected. Road preparations in Western Maryland continue as the Maryland State Highway administration warns motorists that the warning means snow, sleet and freezing rain can make driving dangerous.

In a press release issued Saturday afternoon, SHA warned drivers traveling west along I-70 through Hancock or I-68 past Sideling Hill to exercise caution while driving and remember to not pass now plows or plow trains.  Snow emergency plans are in effect in Allegany and Garrett counties.

For those who do travel, SHA reminds motorists to remember snow emergency plans restrict where vehicles can be parked and cars and trucks must have snow or radial tires. If your vehicle becomes disabled, move from the travel lane and onto the shoulder. 

SHA crews in Central Maryland will continue to monitor roads for any potential icy patches and will respond accordingly should snow, sleet or freezing rain fall in the region.

Drivers should "Take it Slow on Ice and Snow" and reduce speeds during rain events to prevent the risk of hydroplaning.  Bridges, ramps and overpasses freeze first, so drivers should remain on guard at all times.

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