No more in-person license renewal at MVA

Going out to your favorite restaurant or bar on that special 21st birthday may not be so easy after changes to the MVA license renewal rules. 
"A lot of people when they turn 21, they want to go right out to the bar that night and have a drink with their friends," Charles Robbins, Jr., Chief Inspector with the Harford County Liquor Control Board. 
That may be an issue for the next wave of young adults officially transitioning into adulthood.
People under 40 years old can no longer renew their licenses in person at the MVA.
"It's not a problem for people who are turning 35 or 40, but it's a problem for people who are turning 21 because they can't renew now. They can't go in the day they turn 21." Robbins said. 
Instead, they will need to go online or to an MVA kiosk.
That means no more hours spent waiting in line, but it also means that horizontal license, which proves right away that you're over 21, won't get to you at home until four to six days later. 
"We've gotten a lot of calls that people are upset. Not only the licensees who don't know how to react to it because Harford County has always recommended that they not accept vertical drivers licenses, but we're also getting calls from people who, 'what do we do, we're going on a trip, we're leaving for Las Vegas the day after my daughter turns 21, then what to we do. She won't be able to drink or gamble with a vertical license', or something like that," Robbins explained. 
It's not law, but the Harford County Liquor Board recommends that their licensees refuse service to patrons with vertical IDs.
There is an interim license document that can be printed out and presented with a vertical license in the meantime. 
That will get you in at Magerks Pub and Grill in Bel Air, but it won't be easy. 
"Even with those interim documents, we're going to go ahead in that situation, get a manager involved and let us be the ones that are making those decisions so we can make sure that we're following the letter of the law," Scott Walker, Director of Operations at Magerks, told ABC2. 
That is not how it works everywhere.
At Looney's just a couple blocks down, it is no horizontal license, no service. 
"Sometimes you get siblings that will give their ID to their younger sibling and they might look exactly like them but a year or two apart and that leads to complications. It's just much easier to say no vertical IDs whatsoever," Ryan Beyer, Looney's Assistant Security Manager, said. 
However, Beyer also added that it appears the MVA is not enforcing the new rules across the board. 
"We've seen several people come in with horizontal format IDs who turned 21 that day and had them changed that day," Beyer said. 
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