New Maryland laws could impact you

BALTIMORE - A handful of new laws begin today and they affect everyone from parents, to kids, to anyone with a job and a Facebook account.

Specifically any kid under 8-years-old. Parents it may mean you'll have to put your kid back into a booster if your child met the weight requirement before this new law took effect.

Starting Monday the law requires all kids under 8-years-old to ride in a child safety seat regardless of their weight until they are 4 feet 9 inches or taller.

Before this change kids who weighed more than 65 pounds could forego the car seat.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration car crashes are still the number one cause of death in kids in the U.S.

This new law is designed to cut down on that rate and to keep kids safe on the road. 

Some of the other laws that take affect today are:

The Phylicia Barnes Law, which is designed to improve how law enforcement and community groups work with each other when a child disappears. It also requires state officials to publish a list of missing children.

Another law that affects everyone with a job--It's officially illegal for your boss to ask for your log-in information for social media websites like Facebook.

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