New law in response to Medspa investigation


State lawmakers are stepping in to better protect people who decide to have plastic surgery.

An ABC2 News investigation pointed out in February that some Medspas and surgery center aren't regulated by the state.

Thanks to a bill that just passed the session, now Health Secretary Dr. Josh Sharfstein will be able to create regulations to provide better oversight for these facilities that do cosmetic surgery.

"The way these laws are done there are all sorts of potential ways that it works out," says Sharfstein "but right now we have no requirements at all, so to be able to set up what the requirements are and do it in a fair and public way I think is a huge step forward."

The legislation was created after a Baltimore County Medspa that was not regulated by the state had an outbreak of an invasive infection.

Eula Witherspoon and two other patients were hospitalized and Witherspoon later died.

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