MD sends EMS workers to help

BALTIMORE - Garrett County by far got hit the hardest in Maryland; heavy snows blocking roads and trapping people, a situation so dire the county put a call out for help...and the state's other jurisdictions answered.

"Really everything that they've asked for.  Anything that you need, just call us and we will send them right out," said Howard County Executive Ken Ulman. 

Howard County was one of those governments that sent aid to Garrett.

Ulman says after seeing his area spared by Sandy, it only made sense to send those crews on the ready to places that need it most.

"We were geared up ready to go and so we just said ok, Ryan and your team, get in the truck, start driving west and get to Garrett County so, absolutely," said Ulman.

But Maryland didn't just send crews to Garrett County to help with the aid out there, the state was also uniquely prepared to be able to step in and send crews to New Jersey as well.

"The governor wanted to make sure that our citizens were safe, but it was also incredibly important that we support other states in their time of need."

Doctor Richard Alcorta is the state EMS Medical Director and helps oversee the Maryland's trauma and EMS system.

New Jersey asked for help and it got 10 ambulances and 26 ems workers, many of them from Baltimore city...those Maryland crews stationed near the Meadowlands helped 40 patients in just 12 hours.

 Aid and need that was ready to step in as Sandy side stepped us.

"We were prepared both internally and with external assets to be prepared for a direct hit, the blessing is we did not receive that and now we're able to use some of our own resources to support other states and part of our community in western Maryland," said Alcorta.

The EMS crews will continue that support until at least late next week.

Howard, Anne Arundel, Harford, Washington and Talbot Counties, along with Baltimore city are some of the areas that sent help.

Between Garrett County and Jersey, the state has sent 30 pieces of equipment and 52 people.

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