Maryland's assault weapons ban argued in federal court

BALTIMORE - The lawsuit heard in federal court today says that Maryland's ban of certain assault style weapons and gun magazines is unconstitutional.

Both lawyers from the Maryland’s Attorney General's office and gun rights advocates stated their case before a U.S. district court judge Tuesday morning.

Attorneys leading the charge against Maryland's assault weapons ban were content to let that process play out.

"The court heard both sides, it is still under consideration and we are not going to have any comments during that period of time. We are very grateful for the courts time and attention today. Thank you all," said attorney John Sweeney as he and his group walked away from news cameras.

The other side was decidedly more vocal on the way out of court this afternoon.

"The attorney general's office clearly made the case very strongly that assault weapons and high capacity gun magazines have no place in our civil society," said Vincent DeMarco with Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence. "The general assembly has every right and should defend Marylanders from weapons of mass destruction."

DeMarco felt good about the pro assault ban arguments made today in court.

As did Sen. Brian Frosh , a democrat from Montgomery County who helped author the sweeping gun law, he said today he believes the courts will find the assault weapons ban does not violate the second amendment.

"All the other courts around the country are going ultimately to find that banning assault weapons and banning high capacity magazines is reasonable and constitutional," said Frosh, who is running for Maryland attorney general.

It could be a few months before the judge makes a decision in this challenge.

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