Maryland lawmakers debate Firearm Safety Act

Maryland lawmakers debated for about six hours Tuesday. A vote could happen today.

They've been debating Senate Bill 281 -- a bill designed to further restrict firearms in the state. Lawmakers attempted to squeeze through amendment after amendment before the final reading of the bill -- many failed.

The bill significantly modifies and expands the regulation of firearms, firearms dealers, and ammunition in the state and makes significant changes to related mental health restrictions on the possession of firearms.

There are nearly 70 amendments to hash out -- everything from mandatory training for conceal and carry permits to more money for mental health research.

One such amendment that failed would have forced criminals convicted of a violent crime with a gun to serve their whole sentence without a chance at parole.

Those against the amendment said there are already some mandatory minimums in place, and it would be too expensive.

What is an assault weapon? The bill addresses that too.

For a complete look at Senate Bill 281, look below.

Senate Bill 281

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