Maryland reaches deal with Ocwen Mortgage Servicing

BALTIMORE - Maryland was hit harder than most states by the mortgage crisis.

In the last two years, Maryland home owners have taken advantage of more than $1 billion in mortgage assistance. Now more money is available.

Marylanders who are caught up in the mortgage crisis now have $88 million of relief available to them.

Attorney General Doug Gansler announced a settlement with Ocwen Mortgage Servicing. The Maryland deal is part of a more than $2 billion dollar national settlement.

This money will go to Maryland homeowners with loans from Ocwen who are struggling to pay the bills. The deal doesn't stop homeowners from taking the company to court.

"We are not forfeiting anybody's civil rights," Gansler said. "If an individual was foreclosed upon and feels there was fraud involved, they can still go against Ocwen or any of the other banks."

If you are eligible to receive some of these benefits the bank will contact you directly. In the past, some banks would not notify the homeowner. But Maryland leaders say this settlement is different.

"This is actually a legally informed settlement," Gansler said "So they have to do it (A) and (B) they have a financial incentive to do it because it cost them more if they don't."

Kathleen Koch is with the Arundel Community Development Services. Her group helps home owners with mortgage problems.

"Each time we get another program like this it helps us because it adds another tool to the tool box, another way that we can help serve another person's problem," Koch said.

Koch recommends if you do get a notice that you're eligible for these benefits, or have mortgage problems, to reach out to a HUD-approved mortgage concealing group in your area.

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